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What Clients Have Been Saying About Our Services


Nonprofit Incorporation and Tax Exemption

“Sean was instrumental in helping me incorporate my 501(c)4 nonprofit, Together Forward, designed to decrease disparities in health, wealth, and culture. Approachable, down to earth, and extremely knowledgeable, Sean is the perfect fit for startups!”  -Dr. Brian J. Dixon

Business Meeting

Residential Landlord

"Sean has reliably executed apartment rental leases, renewals, and an eviction warning. He took his work seriously and customized the leases to fit my small business's needs. He was available for last-minute work and always accessible for any and all questions. Sean's work makes my small business run smoothly." -Joanne F. Copeland, Big Shoulders LLC

Shaking Hands

Personal Counsel

“Sean recently helped me navigate a legal situation and his support was invaluable. He offers an exceptional level of accessibility and knowledge with a relaxed and supportive manner. How often does one look forward to hearing from and speaking with their lawyer?! He's a rare breed and I would encourage anyone in need of legal help in his areas of expertise to speak with and consider working with him.” -Dr. Kathleen Blehart

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